New Place, New City, New Oppurtunities

Backstory for me: I lived in a small town in Texas that had very little to offer bookwise. Everyone knew where the two big chains bookstores were (Hastings and Books A Million), and that was about it for “real” book shopping. Sure, there were the local Wal-Marts, but their selection is always dwindled to the most popular books at the time. The only good they had is when the best seller I want is two bucks cheaper there than at BAM. But there was no Barnes & Noble, no independent chains, and any publishing press was dwindled to newspapers and college projects.

Here in the big city? So. Much. More.

I haven’t done any actual shopping or window shopping, mainly because I don’t have the money to afford any book shopping, but a quick Google search shows that there is a lot more selection of bookstores here. There’s even an actual Barnes & Noble here. For a person from a small town, that is a big deal.

There’s also legitimate publishing companies and presses here, the businesses that I aspire to be a part of that I could never do in a small college town. At the very least, I can get an internship here and get some new experiences up my belt.

The problem for me is the struggle that many college graduates face: getting an actual job.

At a funeral I attended a few weeks ago, turns out one of the relatives has a niece or some other relation in the same city I now live in as well. Turns out, she isn’t doing too well getting a job.

That terrifies me, especially since I have very little job experience to begin with. I never held a part time job, I barely got hold of an internship in college, and I’m terrified of getting rejected for any reason. It could be because I’m not qualified enough to handle a cash register, or I’m over-qualified because I have a BA, or I don’t have enough experience because no one was willing to give me the experience; there are many reasons to get rejected.

Obviously, I have to suck it up and grow the gumption to apply to places and see where it takes me. Because at this point in my life, I don’t really have the time to lollygag and be lazy. I’m just scared, as any normal person would be I think.

But I am excited that there are more book-related opportunities here. Now I just have to find my way inside an opportunity and be successful somehow. Let’s see where that goes…


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