Titles are Hard

You know that Geico commercial where they do the bit where they cut to a cowboy that gets knocked off his horse via title card? That’s pretty accurate for me when it comes with coming up with a title for this blog. I feel like a title card has knocked me on my butt every time I try to come up with one.

Sure, I’ve read advice articles about title creating like this one, but that doesn’t mean that a title is easy to come by. I’ve always been bad at coming up with titles, whether a blog post, my incomplete novels, even my new wi-fi. I had a hard time coming up with a unique wi-fi name and password, that’s how bad I am at titles. I am that person that takes ten minutes at least to come up with a password and username for a new account.

The only thing I know about titles is that I need one to complete the blog process. I can’t have a blog go on for a year and still not have a title. It’s as important as an avatar or profile picture. When people come to my blog, it’s the first thing they see, the first impression that they have of me. First impressions are everything.

I mean, I kind of want to tie it in with my bookish tumblr, but the bookish tumblr is cdbookcorner, and the cd stands for crazy dinasaur. If I’m trying to be a professional blog, do I really want to be known as a crazy dinosaur? I mean, people on tumblr don’t see it stand for that immediately, but they find out eventually. Dinosaurs are considered immature by all marketing schemes, considering that a majority of dinosaur related apparel is either related to the children’s section or Jurassic Park. Out of all the impressions I want to make, immature is not on the list.

But how can I separate the two things? To be successful online, you have to manage many platforms, especially in regards to social media. Do I just have a disclaimer saying that the two blogs are two halves of a whole? Do I change the tumblr name to something more mature, even though I already have an impressive following there and don’t want to mess it up? Do I go ahead and be called a dinosaur here and deal with it?

Ugh, decisions are hard. And I’m nowhere closer to coming up with a title.


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