Bookish Craft Attempts: Part One

Something that can make any bookcase absolutely gorgeous (besides amazing books of course) are what a person can use to decorate the shelves. I’ve seen potted plants, creative bookends, plates, figurines, and even stringed lights used to decorate bookcases. Looking at mine, knowing that they are about ten years old, I decided it was time to revamp the shelves with cute decor.

My supplies are mason jars, a lot of scrapbook paper, some fabric, tweed, tape, scissors, and a glue stick. I also have a small budget, so any supplies I need to buy are going to be cheap and few.

First craft: Filling a jar with paper flowers

A jar set in the corner of one of the shelves would add a little pizazz to the overall bookcase. I can’t use it as a bookend, though. It’s a bit too big and bookends usually come in pairs. I only have one mason jar of this size, so I figure putting something in it would be best.

I want paper flowers because A) I am allergic to real flowers and B) I don’t want water near my books. I figured paper flowers would be cute in a jar, but the problem is how to make them look pretty in a jar, especially since I haven’t made a paper flower since about elementary school.

First few attempts:

First Flower Attempt. Fail.

Okay, so flower one looked absolutely horrendous and not worth creating again and again. The next step is to look up tutorials and see which one is feasible.

Flower Attempt Two. More like a failed ice cream cone.

I ended up finding a simple paper rose tutorial, so I tried that next, cutting up my big scrapbook paper into four squares.

It looks like a failed ice cream cone.

Okay, so paper roses are harder than I thought. But with my small budget, it’s the only realistic choice in the matter. So, once again…

Third flower. Progress.

Slightly better than before, but in reality, it’s way too small. I don’t want to make a million of small flowers and stuff them into a jar. That’s too time-consuming. So I got another paper and didn’t cut it up and tried again.

Fourth flower. Not too bad...

The fourth flower didn’t turn out too bad, but it kept wanting to spring apart. I had to tape it down to get it to sit still enough.

I tried one more flower before retiring for the night and…

Fifth flower attempt

It. Is. Perfect.

It’s the right size, it looks good, and it didn’t try to spring out of place. I finally got it down.

Now, the next issue is how to place them into a jar. I could just throw them into the jar, but it wouldn’t show just how pretty the flowers are. I could tape them onto sticks of some kind, but I am on a budget. Do I splurge for a craft or figure out some other method? Maybe make sticks out of the other paper or hang them from the jar lid somehow? Decisions, decisions.

I will create a second part (and possibly more parts) to this little thing when I figure out what I’m doing.


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