Gluten Free Curiosity: Spaghetti

Being gluten free means that pasta dishes are pretty much nixed, since all the noodles are made using wheat flour. Which, for me, wasn’t that big of a loss since I’m not much of a noodle fan.

But some favorites, like spaghetti, were a favorite in the family that I missed being able to eat.

Fortunately, there are gluten free spaghetti noodles being sold in stores, so I can have one of my favorite family meals once again. But do these noodles live up to the taste?

Product: Mueller’s Gluten Free Spaghetti Noodles

Now, the thing about this product is that on the back of the box, it says that this product was “processed in a facility that uses wheat, eggs, and soy” which pretty much tells me that there’s a risk of cross-contamination. Just…lovely.

Process: I pre-washed the noodles, thinking that would wash away any initial wheat off of it. Then I cooked them in water and served them with Prego (which is gluten free).

Results: They might as well have said, “This product is contaminated, don’t bother if you are sensitive to these items listed here.” I had a reaction halfway through, and now my cat is eyeballing the dish.

Conclusion: I am not going to trust this product again. I mean, why bother being gluten-free at all if the product is around gluten anyways? It defeats the purpose of going through a gluten-free process.


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