Gluten Free Curiosity: Mac n’ Cheese

One of the few pasta dishes that I like is the infamous dish known as mac n’ cheese. It’s one of the staple dishes I used to have when life made it difficult to cook big meals. But, after developing a wheat allergy, I had to give it up. But I found gluten-free macaroni pasta, and I decided to make it from scratch and see if the gluten-free version of a household favorite is worth the price. (have I mentioned gluten-free diets are expensive?)

Product: Mueller’s Gluten Free Elbows

Now, I had a problem with Mueller’s before with their spaghetti noodles, but of course I didn’t know I would have that happen before buying both products at the same time. So, it’s either not trust the pasta and throw it out or use it and see if it’s worth getting again. I saw no label saying that it was made in a factory with product belts that aren’t cleaned. So, I’m hoping it doesn’t do anything as bad.

Process: I found a simple 30 minute recipe online and modified it to meet my needs, such as using gluten free flour instead of regular flour. I also used a Monterey Jack cheese instead of regular cheddar, because it was the only cheese I could find in the house. And as a bonus, I cooked bacon and crumbled it into the sauce to amplify the taste.

Results: Well, it didn’t give me a reaction, thankfully. But the pasta itself just crumbled in my mouth, and that doesn’t taste very good even with the delicious bacon. It isn’t the worst gluten free food ever, but I’ve certainly tasted better.

Conclusion: I don’t think I will continue to use Mueller brand for my gluten free needs. It just hasn’t turned out to be my favorite for certain reasons.

Now, I did go shopping and found a deal for small boxes of macaroni n’ cheese by a different brand, and I just couldn’t pass up the chance. So, there’s going to be a second mac n’ cheese experiment in the future. Hopefully this brand is better, because I’ve been hankering for some good home food for a long time now, and I want it to not taste like dirt.


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