Gluten Free Curiosity: Burritos

Okay, so another family favorite that I grew up with before the allergies were burritos. And anyone who goes looking around a gluten-free section will quickly find that Mexican food is not going to be anywhere near it. It probably has to do with all of those flour tortillas most Mexican dishes have.

But, as it just so happens, there were tortilla shells at the local grocery store when I was out shopping. And since I had refried beans (Rosarita in case anyone wants to know) at the house already, I decided to grab the shells and a pound of hamburger and make some burritos for the night.

Product: Udi’s small tortilla shells

Now, for burritos, people usually use the bigger sizes. However, I didn’t find those at the store–they only had the small ones. And since I’ve had Udi’s bread before and found it to be delicious, I decided to go with the brand that I was somewhat familiar with.

Process: I just used the thirty-minute method my family taught me. First, brown the hamburger, then add the refried beans, heat up the tortilla shells in the microwave, grate some cheese, and done.

Results: The only issue I had was the size of the shells, and that’s because I had to down three of them to even begin feeling full. They were absolutely delicious. Heck, they might even taste better than regular flour tortillas, if I’m being really honest.

Conclusion: I’d totally buy these again. Heck, I might even try  soft tacos next. I have a recipe for it, and some leftover shells. Who knows? They were that good, and I don’t want to waste them.


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