First Time at Half Priced Books

I grew up in a town where the only actual bookstore around was a Books A Million attached to a mall. There wasn’t any variety in the stores when it came to shopping for books. You either hopped over to the nearest retail and bought what they had or shop online. So, when I scoured the internet and found out a shop like Half Priced Books existed, I was in slight disbelief. An entire retail chain dedicated to selling all used books? Never thought that would exist.

And yet, an opportunity arose when I had scheduled a doctor’s appointment with my new provider for a basic check-up. A quick spontaneous Google search showed me that a Half Priced Bookstore was just a few minutes away.

Soooo obviously I loaded up some books to sell, went to the doctor, then drove to the bookstore afterwards as a reward to myself surviving a doctor’s office.

I. Was. Floored.

I hadn’t been inside a bookstore in so long, I almost forgot what it was like. So many books in one room, crammed into shelves upon shelves upon shelves. Books that I forgot even existed were sitting there, getting lost in the mass of books. Multiple copies, all in different conditions lined up against each other in a sort of contest of, “Pick me! Pick me! I’m the better version.” It was a very overwhelming experience. I couldn’t even think about what books I was going to get. I just knew I needed some.

Knowing that I would be spending lots of money here, I parted with some of the books I already had and ended up getting about twenty dollars for them. I guess giving the store hardbacks really made a difference. The lady at the desk said that I could either use it to reduce the cost of my book haul or take plain cash, as if I was going to have any leftover after a good look through.

I ended up with about seven books, which costed me about thirty-oneĀ dollars before the paystub from selling previous books. Which, when you consider that books normally range from about ten dollars up to maybe fifty dollars (it really depends on the book), thirty is a good deal. And with the paystub, I only had to pay ten dollars in total. That. Is. Fan-freaking-tastic!

And the staff was really friendly. I mean, the one person said my name wrong, but everyone does, so it’s a pass. But everyone else was really nice and friendly, and they answered my questions without a problem.

The only qualm I could have is that after the shock dissipated, and I finally remembered some of the titles I wanted, I couldn’t find them. I think that has to do with the supply of books, since they seem to thrive on mostly used books, and they probably haven’t had anyone sell them the book I wanted. But I know there are others stores that I can go, along with a website (although I haven’t checked it out yet) to and look there, so I love that there are options for good deals.

In conclusion, I really like this store, and would go back there.

Now, the real problem I have is that I’m tempted to go back and sell some more books so I can get more books. Oh, what to do, what to do…


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