Gluten Free Curiosity: Chicken Nuggets

You know what I miss the most about McDonald’s? Their chicken nuggets. I was a person who didn’t care about the Big Macs, the McFlurries, or even the McCafe. It was always the McNuggets and fries. And, of course, I had to give those up when I developed the wheat allergy. In fact, I had to give up McDonald’s in general because of the allergy. I can’t even get a small fry, due to certain chains mixing their batches together, leading to cross contamination. The only thing I can get that won’t hurt me is the salad, and that’s if I don’t get croutons or breaded chicken. That’s one fast food chain that I can’t afford to go to ever again.

And yet, I still wanted chicken nuggets. I like having chicken nuggets and fries. But I’ve tried gluten-free microwavable nuggets, which are really expensive, and they have been…subpar. They just can’t satisfy me for that high of a price.

One day, while I was shopping at Wal-Mart, I was looking at flours when I find a can of gluten-free bread crumbs. I had never seen it before in any of the shops I’d been too. So, obviously I bought it, since it could’ve been the only time I could ever buy it. I thought to myself, “I can have breaded chicken once again since the allergy.” And it will be home cooked, minimalizing the possibility of a reaction. How perfect is that?

Probably just as perfect as the fact that I had some left over chicken from the time I made sweet and sour chicken, and little to no food left in the house and being desperate for some kind of dinner.

Product: Homemade chicken nuggets with bread crumbs

Process: I found this simple recipe that I could do with so little supplies. I mean, who knew chicken nuggets could be so complicated?

Anyways, so I followed the directions, leaving with only a few small burns because the oil was popping out of the pan. I guess it’s kind of my own fault for wearing a low-cut shirt, but I digress

Results: So. Yummy. I love it so much. Chicken nuggets are definitely better with bread crumbs. I am having trouble resisting eating them all, because I can totally eat these for lunch tomorrow. (on a side note, I desperately need to go grocery shopping)

Conclusion: Let’s just say on a lazy night, I’m going to make chicken and nuggets for myself. It’s simple and yummy, just the way I like it.


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