Gluten Free Curiosity: Onion Rings

There is one vegetable that is abundant inside my refrigerator that I had little recipes to deal with: onions. I’ve had onions sitting in my fridge since nearly day one of living where I am now. And after I got a cannister of bread crumbs, I had the sudden idea of finally using some of these onions and the bread crumbs to make some yummy onion rings. And after looking around online for a quick and easy recipe, I found one that I could use to create this food.

Before the allergy came, I didn’t care much for onion rings to begin with. They were fine the few times I’ve had them, and funyuns were kind of gross to me, so I didn’t really understand just how complicated making it could be. Most of the recipe’s I found involved club soda or sparkling water–two liquids I had never worked with before. Or it involved a series of spices and fancy flour mixes that I just couldn’t have access to. But I did eventually find a recipe that I could easily modify to meet my needs and abilities.

Product: Homemade Onion Rings

Process: I used this recipe for this process, even though it didn’t involve using bread crumbs. Which I thought was interesting, because I’ve seen plenty of onion rings with bread crumbs on them.

Now, I did modify the recipe when it came to the flour. The pizza mix that this recipe called for was way too complicated for me to try and do. So, I just used a lot of white rice flour for the mix and coating.

Also, if anyone wants to try and make onion rings, you should probably do it in a pan and not a deep fryer like I did. Because if you cook it in a deep fryer, then you have to somehow flip it on its side, because it likes to cook on only one side, which can cause uneven browning.

Results: My first bite into it reminded me of funyuns, which was odd. But after I got used to it, it turned out to be a very delicious treat. The only issue I personally have is all of the greasiness involved. The greasiness of bacon and french fries I can handle. But onion rings? I feel like I got a sloppy kiss by a grease bucket. I think I’m going to have to modify this recipe some more so I can have baked onion rings.

Conclusions: Not the worst thing I’ve ever had. But I feel like I need to practice and experiment with this to find the perfect balance for my taste buds. Good thing I still have onions in my fridge.


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