Ordering Flour Online

Okay, so, I have a wheat allergy, which I used to think was synonymous with a gluten allergy. However, upon a quick Google search, I found myself kicking myself in the rear in discovering that the two problems were not synonymous at all. There are many sources of gluten that are not comprised of wheat at all, such as rye and barley. The best analogy would be the whole thing about how all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. Wheat has gluten, but not all gluten comes from wheat.

What does this mean for me? It means that I’ve been pushing myself on a GF diet for no real reason. That I can eat gluten as long as it isn’t coming from wheat. Boy, do I feel just downright silly for not knowing that before.

Now I am facing a new problem with this discovery, that any products with rye and barley in it also have wheat in it. I tried looking at rye bread loaves at the store, for example, and, of course, the first ingredient is unbleached wheat flour.

Talk about living in a society so dependent on wheat crops.

There is one way that I can cope with this new dilemma, however. The solution is the same one that I’ve been using since finding out about the wheat allergy–make my own food.

I found a recipe for rye bread that doesn’t have any wheat flour needed to make, and I have set out to make it. But, as usual, finding the ingredients was an absolute pain. In fact, I couldn’t find all of the ingredients for the recipe when I went out shopping last week. The ingredients that I was missing? The flour and espresso powder. I went to three different stores, two of them being Whole Foods markets, and I didn’t find a single batch of rye flour. I’m left wondering, “What the frack?” and had no idea what to do.

Hence, today’s post. I decided to cave in and order a food product online at Wal-Mart (my first choice was Amazon, but they wanted over ten dollars for shipping, and I was not doing).

I dread ordering stuff online. It’s different with books because I can get a Kindle version transferred through wi-fi and be done with it. And if it’s a physical book, I’m not adamant against bits of wear and tear. I’m okay with used books, as long as they’re legible. With this, I don’t know what to expect. I’ve heard horror stories of things getting lost and never getting money back for it, having the package arrive in absolutely crappy conditions, and with a food product, I’m imagining a worst-case scenario where a rat gets inside my flour bags and eats it all. Ew.

But, I just don’t seem to have a choice. If I want my flour, and I can’t get it in a store, where else am I going to get it? A real farm? Not likely. And I really want to see if I can stop paying five dollars for tiny loaves of GF bread and just be satisfied with a new type of bread that I can make.

So, I am just sitting here and am going to hope for the best for my product. Who knows, maybe it’ll be just fine and I’ll stop shopping at real stores and just order all my stuff online. I’ll just have to see when my flour gets here next week.


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