Allergy Friendly Testing: Omelet

With all of my allergies, it’s hard to find things for me to eat. Even if a label has that byline that says, “This product contains/has been processed in a factory that contains: (insert allergens here)” it is difficult. There’s the processing to consider, potential cross contamination, and the hidden terms that allergens can be called. I had to explain to my mom yesterday that I can’t eat any TV dinners because of terms such as maltodextrin, modified food starch, and dextrose are derived from things that I’m allergic to. Reading labels are as necessary as cleaning dishes. Anything I have, it is best to have them homemade.

And today, I tried to make myself an omelet. I found a simple recipe from a paleo cookbook and tried it out for myself. I used Farmland bacon, a celery stalk, and three large eggs.

Verdict: Something is wrong. As I’m sitting here, typing this, I am itching. My throat feels sore, and I’m not feeling good at all. Not the worst reaction, but having a reaction is still bad.

I know it isn’t the eggs because I’ve used eggs plenty of times and haven’t reacted. But the bacon and celery are not safe. If I had to assume the allergen at fault, it would probably be the cornI know that meat processing can become really corny, from the feed of the animal to how they package it. Same goes with the celery stalk since I know farmers spray their crops down with a corny chemical solution and process them in facilities that can be corny. So, either the bacon was corned, or the celery was corned. Or maybe I’m allergic to celery too. At this point, it won’t shock me.

So, overall, I like omelets. I don’t like how the ingredients I used in said omelet caused a reaction. Now I know to try different ingredients and hope that it goes over well the next time.


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