Allergy-Friendly Testing: Surprise Doughnut Holes Part 2

Once again, I tried to make the doughnut holes from the previous post. This time, I used an egg substitute as a means to avoid the headaches from last time. The egg substitute was a combination of water, olive oil, and baking powder. Same alterations and recipe, just a substitute for the eggs.

So…this egg substitute was not that great as a binding agent. It was more of a textural substitute as far as I could tell. Every time I had put the batter in the deep fryer, it would break off into tiny specks and get smaller and smaller until there wasn’t even a ball, like it’s supposed to be. I had to bake the batter for nearly half an hour before I could even try to get them into the crispy brown state in the fryer itself. At that point, they were more like cookies than doughnut holes. Oh well, live and learn.

After eating about three “doughnut cookies,” my throat started to itch. Like, really bad. It feels weird to take a deep breath actually. I haven’t gotten any worse, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good.

I’m getting the feeling that doughnut holes are not for me since this is the second failure. I don’t know if this is because both the eggs and the substitute don’t like me or if it’s an entirely different ingredient altogether. Either I just give up on this recipe, or I try a different substitute for eggs.


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