Meeting Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs

A local indie bookstore, BookPeople to be exact, recently held a signing for both Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs. And it just so happens to have coincided with one of my off days for work. I am familiar with both of these authors, and I had nothing else really going for me on that same night they were to speak and sign books.

So, naturally, I sucked up my fear of driving in downtown traffic and went to the event.

As far as my knowledge of Riggs, I had read the first book of his Peculiar Children series, the same one that is set to premiere as a movie later this year. I had liked it, and had wanted to continue the series, but school got in the way back then and I just never got back to it

Tahereh Mafi herself is a prolific writer in the Young Adult world. I can’t even talk about Young Adult books without her name popping up and someone mentioning Shatter Me, a series that I’ve also been meaning to get into but just haven’t.

Good lord, I am slow when it comes to playing catch up. No wonder my TBR list is out of control.

Anyways, BookPeople is a very cool indie bookshop that I wish I could visit more often. If only I lived closer to it. I immediately walked in and saw all kinds of free merchandise commemorating the event. Posters, pins, rulers, bookmarks, etc. It was very cool, as it’s always nice to get free stuff.

The floor where the speaking portion was happening was full by the time I arrived. I showed up about half an hour early, and there weren’t any empty chairs for me to sit in. I had to sit on one of the little stools they keep around for people to stand on when they can’t reach a book. And even then, it was a poor choice as a seat since it was shorter than the actual chairs. I ended up standing anyway, along with a good chunk of the audience, who piled around the aisle entrances among all of the bookshelves. It was definitely full of people wanting to see these two authors.


Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs speaking

The speaking portion went on without any problem. It was entertaining to hear these two answer questions and talk about each other’s books and praising one another. They are a cute couple, the chemistry between them was so blatantly obvious. And they were funny, too. They had the audience laughing every few minutes with their personal stories and answers.

I originally didn’t want to stick around and get something signed. I was low on money and wasn’t getting paid until the next morning. But after everything was done, I thought, “What’s the point of going to a signing if I ain’t gonna get something signed? It’s an opportunity, dunderhead.” So, I picked up a copy of Furthermore by Mafi and went and waited near the very end of the line to get it signed. I also got Riggs to sign the Peculiar poster that BookPeople provided. It’s hanging on my wall right now as I read my latest book purchase.


The Signing Portion of the Night


As far as Mafi and Riggs? They are just so cool. They were so polite and friendly to everyone. I would definitely go to another event with them. And meeting them has sparked my interest in their books again. I can’t wait to read Furthermore, and now I’m excited for the movie adaptation of the Peculiar Children series.

I just hope I didn’t creep them out with my presence.


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