Dinamite Reviews: Furthermore

I really liked this book, and I feel almost ashamed that it took me so long to finish it. It seems to be a book that I could have easily binge-read in a single night, and that just didn’t happen in this scenario.

So, Furthermore, as far as I can tell, is a story that was heavily inspired by the classic Alice in Wonderland story. I mean, our main protagonist is named Alice Queensmeadow, first off. And she goes into a magical world that functions so differently from her own and has so many rules and customs that the place makes no real sense to her. The difference between this story and the classic everyone knows is that this story has a real plot; a goal set in mind. Alice only goes into the strange land so that she can find her father, who had disappeared three years before.

I just loved the writing style in this book. There are so many colors and strange happenings on every page, and I felt that the author described it beautifully. The setting of this story is a magical place that relies heavily on color, and the author described such a place so well that my mind was filled with just as many colors. I remember all the villages that our characters went to even after I’ve put the book down.

The characters, however shortly they’re introduced, are memorable as well. I remember the starry cannibals, the foxes, Tim, and so on. And the main duo is such a great pair of characters to follow in this story. It was so fun to watch these two persevere through the challenges that kept hitting them at every turn. From headstrong Alice who just wants to be accepted by everyone to confident Oliver who has to come to grips with his own reality.

The only reason this doesn’t get five stars for me would be the ending. With all the struggles the two characters have to go through, I was expecting a grand finale of an ending. A last, climatic battle to throw them for a loop once they accomplished their goal. But that’s not what happens. Is it a happy ending? Yes. And I do like happy endings. But this ending just wasn’t a satisfying one for me.

That’s really the only gripe I have. The rest of the story is fun and enjoyable. It gets four stars from me.


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