2016 Reading Round Up

It’s that time of year, people. The time where everyone reminisces on the past year (which was one hell of a year for the world) while also coming up with goals for the new year. Everyone is reflecting on the books that they read in 2016 and talking about how they reached their goals and patting themselves on the back for doing so.

Me? Not so much.

This week has been hell for me for one reason: Allergies. There was a spike in cedar pollen across the city and boy, did it affect me greatly. I was hacking and sneezing for five days straight. Heck, I’m still spewing out snot even as I’m typing all of this. Any ideas to get any last minute reading and writing done were shot because it’s hard to focus on the words before me when my eyes are crying rivers. And it’s all because my body doesn’t like trees.

So, any last minute contribution for the GoodReads challenge for this year was gone, meaning that I have officially failed the challenge this year. Out of a goal of 75 books to read, I only read 53. And, against my better wishes when thinking back to my goals from the beginning of the year, most of them were manga and Young Adult books.


But I did read a classic this year, so at least I can cross off one of my reading goals…I guess.

Anyways, let’s just take a look at what all caught my attention this year and have me say why:

Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

Read from March 3 to March 8

Now, this was one of the best books I read in 2016. It was the chosen book in one of those reading groups that I hardly participate in back in February. And it was just an amazing story about time traveling and racism throughout. So glad that I participated in that month’s book, because otherwise, I would have missed out on such an amazing story.

Food Wars by  Yuto Tsukuda

Read from May 17 to Current Date

This is one of the manga series that consumed my afternoon while out on family vacation. I had watched the anime with a friend and was so amazed by the story and the art style that I just felt like I needed to read the manga to get more of the story before any new season could be made. It’s such a fun series to read.

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Read on September 14

So this was one of the graphic novels I picked up when I tried to get into actual comics back then. I’ve always loved manga, but an actual comic book had little appeal to me, especially after hearing exaggerated horror stories of how people act within the fanbase that is comic book lovers. Of course, O’Malley’s name was mentioned many times in the conversation of introductory comic books and graphic novels, and so I picked up this one for its size. As my friend put it, “I like books with a bit of weight to them.” Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The colors and characters really enthralled me. And the book itself is just pretty to look at.

And as a bonus, I’ll put in the worst read of 2016. The worst book(s) I read this year was:

Papillon by Miwa Ueda

Read on September 5

Good. Lord. This whole manga series bored me to the point where I just stopped reading it. It churned out every shoujo cliche in almost every page in the few volumes that I read. I remember reading up to the cliche where the main character overhears a bit of conversation that she thinks is about her, but given the context from the bits before she eavesdrops, we know it isn’t about her and then the big misunderstanding starts and–I pretty much stopped there. It was just a silly plot riddled with problems and tropes that just made me not care about the story as a whole.


Yeah, as I said, there are lots of manga series that I read this year. This next year, I know that one of my goals is to read more books that don’t rely on illustrations, but that whole thing will be a separate post that will (hopefully) be posted later in the week.

As of right now, I’m just going to enjoy my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s doing the same thing that I’ve done every weekend: working. Until then, happy new year everyone.


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