Reading Goals 2017

Well, it’s that time of year where resolutions are either being made, broken, made and broken repeatedly, or just ignored. I myself am no different from the crowd that wants change to happen this year, but I wouldn’t really call them “resolutions.” As the title says, I’d call them goals for myself instead.

Growing up, the word resolution would have a weak connotation around it. It seemed like something that was easy to break since they came up every year and everyone said how they failed at some point. But a goal just sounds more tangible and doable when it comes to success. Many people use that word when talking about business expansions, numbers, and other aspects of daily life. Saying you have a goal to lose 15 pounds this year sounds more believable than saying that your resolution is to lose 15 pounds if that makes sense.

Personally, I don’t need to lose weight (thanks to my food allergies curving my need for junk food). So most of my goals for this year are centered around reading. I failed my GoodReads challenge this last year, and I hit a thick reading wall during the holidays. I didn’t read more than a few sentences during the holidays, that’s how bad that was. So now I have a long set of goals for reading this next year. Starting with:

Read 50 Books

I know for a fact that I can read fifty books a year. I’ve done it three years in a row, since participating in the GoodReads challenges before. And when I tried to up it to seventy-five last year, it didn’t work out so well. So now I’ve gone down again, and hopefully this year, I will surpass it before December comes around.

Read A Classic (or Two)

I’m also making it a point to read more classic books since I didn’t read that many throughout my school life. Sure, there was The Outsiders, almost all of Shakespeare’s plays, The Odyssey and Iliad, and some other well-known works. But there weren’t any Grapes of Wrath or Jane Austen or Hemingway, which makes me feel left out in the book community. It seems like everyone has read those, and I don’t like being left behind. So, I will read at least one classic, and if I have time, maybe I’ll squeeze in a few more into the list.

Get Through Half of My “Reading Bin”

So I have this giant shrine like setting in my room full of all the books that I bought but haven’t read. They’re all physical copies, and they’re just collecting dust inside this bin while I keep going to the bookstore and buying more of them. Well, that has to stop now, because I am broke and need to save up money. And I also need to make some space for new books for said bin. So, most of the books I will be reading will come from that bin, regardless of publication date or genre or setting.

And as it implies, I will stop adding books to it, so no more buying books for this year.

…yeah, “that no book buying goal” is going to get broken in the next few weeks, I’m sure of that.

Review 25 Books Minimum

As a person that’s blogging about books more than food, it’s a shame that I’m not doing that many reviews. Just about every book blog I know does a review of books, and I know that I want to do it more and more, but I just don’t get around to it. And since it’s the new year, I might as well tell myself to stop being lazy and write more reviews and actually post them. This is also a good incentive for me to actually read more, which is the overall purpose of this post and this blog in general.


And I think that’s it. I can’t think of any other book relating goals that need to be addressed in this post.

So, now that I have them written out, which is like, step one to all goal achievement processes, that means that I’m one step closer to actually completing them.

Or, like a resolution, completely forget about all of them and end up a failure at the end of the year like before.

I’ll have to see which result plays out in the next twelve months.


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