My New Kindle

Back in November, I was scoping through Amazon for deals on tablets because I felt like I needed something to type on besides my computer and my phone. I found a good deal on the Kindle Fire 8 HD. It offered a payment plan of twelve dollars a month, and so I took the deal.

Now I have a brand new Kindle to fiddle with other than my Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite I had bought for the sole purpose of reading, whereas the Fire was to be more of a writing tool.

Of course, with most tablets and small devices, I found other ways to occupy myself using this device. I downloaded the Sims Freeplay and Tetris and had been playing that on my days off instead. The human mind is so easily distracted.

The Kindle Fire has become my main Kindle device, and I do read on it too. However, there are a few drawbacks. The main problem I have is the fact that I can’t grasp the library system on it.

I have ebooks that I send to the Kindle through the means of an ebook subscription box and NetGalley. When I send the files to my Kindle, they only show up in the ‘Recent’ tab. They never show up in the ‘Books’ tab of the Kindle itself. Why? Well, I don’t know. I’m not that much of a tech person. And it took me awhile to find some sort of solution so that the books I got from the subscription box and NetGalley would show up elsewhere so I could access them easily.

But that’s the issue here: it shouldn’t be some sort of convoluted, self-discovered solution to see the books that get sent to the Kindle Fire. It should just show up once it’s sent to the tablet, as far as I’m concerned. I wonder, if I set the email address to the Paperwhite one, would they show up in the library there or would I have to dig through and find the files hidden within that device as well?

And just today, when I was trying to buy a book from the Fire, it kept asking me which device I wanted to send the file too. I would select the Fire, click ‘continue’ and it just couldn’t seem to make it’s way through. I did the process five times, and it still didn’t get passed that one step. I gave up and bought the book from the app on my phone, and only then did the transaction go through, and the book showed up in the ‘Books’ tab.

So, apparently buying the book from anywhere makes the book show up in the books tab on the Fire, but not when I send them through email. That’s odd to me. If I was a tech person, maybe I’d find the solution quicker, but I’m not that tech-savvy.

Other than those two issues, I haven’t had any real concerns about this new Kindle device (besides Tetris crashing on me every few moments). I might just go back to using my Paperwhite as my means of reading digital copies and go back to the original plan of using the Fire as a writing tool. It’s bigger than my phone, and it’s much easier to carry than a laptop, so all I should have to do is play around with it a bit to really understand how it would work for me.


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