Richelle Mead Signing

When the phenomena of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight came out, I was in high school. And when Twilight was becoming popular, the school’s library and the local bookstores were being filled with novels all about vampires. And I, along with other Twilight obsessed tweens and teens, devoured every vampire-centered novel that came into our hands. Now, as an adult, there are very few of those trend-centered novels that I know I actually enjoyed. One of those was the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

Richelle Mead is one of those authors that I deeply admire even as an adult. She’s one of the few authors that I bother following on social media accounts. So when BookPeople was hosting a signing in honor of her newest book hitting the shelves on a Saturday, I braved Austin traffic to go and meet her. Heck, I was working that same Saturday, and I hid my casual wear under my work clothes just to save time on the trip to the downtown area.

I was lucky enough to have a second-row seat to the signing, where there was a general Q&A for us fans that wanted to know certain things, like continuations and writing style. The typical stuff someone would ask at a signing, you know?

At the actual signing portion, I waited patiently at the end of the line with my paperback copy of Vampire Academy and my hardback copy of The Glittering Court tucked inside my purse. I chose these two in particular because of an interesting find way back in my college days. When I was shopping at the local Hastings, back when it was a relevant retailer, I had found a signed copy of Bloodlines on the shelves ready to buy. Of course, I had no idea if it was a legitimate Richelle Mead signature, but just in case it was, I bought it since I wanted to read the book anyways. But with this signing, not only would it be two legitimate signatures, but I could do a comparison between all three books.

Little did I know that this would be the conversation tidbit that would be discussed when I actually met her. Firstly, she pronounced my name right (as if I needed another reason to admire the woman), and then I told her about the Bloodlines copy I found and we talked about signature forgeries and how she personalizes her initials. That might seem boring to normal people, but I found the whole thing interesting.


Richelle Mead and I Right Before She Signed The Books


I couldn’t stop smiling on the way home. That’s another one of my favorite authors that I’ve met in my life. Meeting her in person and seeing just how nice and mellow she could be was like a confirmation that an author that I’ve always admired from books alone was an awesome person. I as a fangirl could not be happier to have met her.

(Also, yeah, that Hastings copy was a legit signature. I checked. Yay)



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