Trying to Play Catch-Up and Flailing

First I’d like to say that I know that I haven’t updated in a long while. Long story short, some personal business kept getting in the way and this blog had to take a backseat to it all. That said, even though I can provide all the excuses I can as to why I’m such a failed blogger, I realized there’s no real point in doing that. So now I’m here to just trudge through and get back to trying to turn this blog into something I can be proud to share with the world. And the first step to that is to actually put in the work required to blog.

Now that that’s settled, here’s a general summary of what I’ve been doing for the past few months:

Binge Watching Several TV Shows:

I’ve been watching a lot more TV than I have been actually reading, which probably explains a lack of book-related content on this blog. I mean, if I’m not doing any book stuff and I run a blog about books and food, then why would I blog about it? But then I remembered that I make the rules for this space and no one is probably going to freak out over a post about something that’s neither books nor food anyways. So here’s just a random list of shows I’ve watched since June in no particular order:

Master Chef
How to Get Away With Murder
Tiger and Bunny
Star VS The Forces of Evil
Food Wars
Black Clover
Recovery of an MMO Girl
Hell’s Kitchen

That’s all that I can think of for the moment. Most of them are continuations from past seasons while some are brand new. And there are many other shows that I want to start watching but just simply can’t convince myself to do just do it.

Went on Vacation with My Family:

I went on the annual family trip to Colorado. So I was gone and stuck in a condo with no cell service for about a week. It was fun, and I caught some nice fish. Also went to a Farmer’s Market and saw some cool artsy stuff on sale. Even got me a bottle of peach wine there because it was peach season there. It was delicious (and the bottle was emptied before the trip was finished).

Volunteering at Book Festivals:

So the Austin, TX area is a good place to find plenty of book events, and the two big ones were the Texas Book Festival and the Texas Teen Book Festival. The TTBF was in October and the TBF was in November. I volunteered at both of those for a day, and it was pretty fun. I got free parking at the TTBF (which is always a great perk for these kinds of events) along with some free stuff. Even got to meet some authors while just walking around or when I asked them to sign some books. Notable names include Jason Reynolds, Cindy Pon, and Julie Murphy. The TBF was more interesting since I didn’t obsess over getting authors to sign my books and just walked around for a few hours after volunteering. More on that for a separate post, maybe. The short version is I went to some fun panels at the YA Headquarters tent and then went home to work on NaNoWriMo that night.

I’m Doing NaNoWriMo:

Speaking of that, most of my writing time the past few months were dedicated to conjuring up a NaNo project. I decided to try that trialing event again, starting with a new profile and everything. So far, it’s good. Today’s the 25K mark and I’ve had a steady stream of meeting the goals for the day for the past few weeks. I will probably falter when holidays come around the corner, but even if I do falter I’m not going to panic about it. I think.

I Bought More Books and it’s Out of Control:

There are approximately fifteen books sitting on my nightstand. And they were all bought this year. Half of them are signed but not read.

Yeah, I think my goal for next year is to stop buying books. I can’t afford it. And I really need to read the books that I already have. Darn festivals and author signings. I can never resist buying at least one.


And that’s basically all the crazy, stupid crap I’ve been doing for the past few months. And holidays are just around the corner. And before we know it, 2018 will be here.

Man, where does the time go?


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