Allergy-Friendly Testing: Surprise Doughnut Holes Part 2

Once again, I tried to make the doughnut holes from the previous post. This time, I used an egg substitute as a means to avoid the headaches from last time. The egg substitute was a combination of water, olive oil, and baking powder. Same alterations and recipe, just a substitute for the eggs. Results: So...this… Continue reading Allergy-Friendly Testing: Surprise Doughnut Holes Part 2


Allergy-Friendly Testing: Doughnut Holes

While looking for something sweet to make, I found a recipe in one of my old cookbooks I bought when I first started going gluten-free. I use this book so rarely┬ásince it only covers one of my allergies and finding substitutes for some ingredients are a pain. In this book, there was a simple recipe… Continue reading Allergy-Friendly Testing: Doughnut Holes