Me and Diets

Before allergies, I hated the notion of diets. I loved food and hated the idea of limiting myself to achieve the "vapid" goal of being skinny like my family wanted me to be. I was the fat one in my family, and everyone was always trying to get me to go on some kind of… Continue reading Me and Diets


Allergy Testing: Brownie in a Cup

The worst thing about trying to come up with foods for an allergic person to make is just how much time it takes to do it. Making things from scratch takes up so much time out of person's day, it's no wonder some people get paid to do it. I certainly don't enjoy doing it… Continue reading Allergy Testing: Brownie in a Cup

Instant Pot: Putting Pressure on my Cooking Skills

One of the most recommended kitchen appliances people recommended across my allergy support group on Facebook is an Instant Pot. At first glance, I thought it was a high-tech slow cooker. Upon further inspection, I was somewhat right. An Instant Pot, in my understanding, is a high-tech pressure cooker. They usually go for about $100… Continue reading Instant Pot: Putting Pressure on my Cooking Skills