Allergy-Friendly Testing: Doughnut Holes

While looking for something sweet to make, I found a recipe in one of my old cookbooks I bought when I first started going gluten-free. I use this book so rarely┬ásince it only covers one of my allergies and finding substitutes for some ingredients are a pain. In this book, there was a simple recipe… Continue reading Allergy-Friendly Testing: Doughnut Holes


Gluten Free Curiosity: Onion Rings

There is one vegetable that is abundant inside my refrigerator that I had little recipes to deal with: onions. I've had onions sitting in my fridge since nearly day one of living where I am now. And after I got a cannister of bread crumbs, I had the sudden idea of finally using some of… Continue reading Gluten Free Curiosity: Onion Rings